Just recently I had a couple Energizer batteries explode in my maglight. Bye Bye maglight. Went to the store and found out that Energizer is promoting that their batteries are 'leak-proof'. Leak proof my ***.

The no-leak guarantee is a very poor marketing claim. Why make this no-leak claim if it isn't true? The mere fact that they make the effort to tell us they are leak proof makes me suspicious that they have a major issues with leaking batteries.

I am concerned about the other Energizers I have...thinking about switching to another brand. Why would they add this claim unless they are prone to leaking?

Review about: Energizer Battery.

Monetary Loss: $40.


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buy Duracell like I do


Did you even bother to look at the picture you posted? It says "No leaks guaranteed or we will replace your device." Rather than running to the internet and making a post that makes you look foolish you should have filed a warranty claim to get your flashlight replaced. Bet posting here doesn't do that for you.


Happened to me to, but you know what I contacted them and they not only sent me a claim for to replace my flashlight they also sent me a coupon to replace the batteries.Oh and not just the 4 in the light but coupons that were for $16.00 ( if i remember correctly).

Very good coupon !


well. ok then. so, you're nuts.

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Did you contact them about it?A guarantee doesn't mean it won't happen, it means that if it does, they will take care of it.

Did they really explode?Or just leak?

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